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ModeScore software

ModeScore as a software is a suite of programs devoted to the investigation and interpretation of expression data and the semi-automatic generation of result reports. It includes the implementation of the ModeScore method and several other methods. The software is intertwined with the FASIMU software: flux-balance mode computations can be called with ModeScore functions, and the calculation of mode scores (where the method got its name from) is a FASIMU function. Apart from ModeScore, the suite contains the programs:
generates the diffbar diagrams, a bar chart type which displays relative changes (red of blue to indicate up- and down-regulation), absolute expression levels, error bars and t-test significances.
Sort genes by their amplitude change or significance level, depending on classes
expression histograms
Currently, there is no concise and complete manual available, and the application is only possible with the interaction with the author.