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Presentation slides of selected talks

Talks about the application of omics data

  • Cross-talk of HGF and IL-6 in liver regeneration. [pdf]
  • Marker genes for obesity and NASH progression. Kiel clinical expression study. [pdf]
  • Cholestasis. Analyzing a bile duct ligation experiment. [pdf]
  • ModeScore Using the flux-balance framework to assess metabolic functions with microarray data. [pdf]
  • Microarrays as a screening resource for multiscale models. Assessment of metabolic functions. Conference talk at: International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB-2013). [pdf]
  • Effects of statin treatment. Steroltalk RNA data analyzed for metabolic regulation. [pdf]
  • On the adequate use of microarray data. About semi-quantitative analysis. [pdf]
  • Remarkable gene regulations in the HGF and IL-6 treatment of hepatocyte cultures. [pdf]
  • ModeScore: A method to infer changed activity of metabolic functions from transcript profiles. At: German Conference of Bioinformatics, Jena, 2012. [pdf]
  • Integrating metabolome and expression data into optimization-based network analysis. Three approaches developed in the Holzhütter group. at IOMPA 2010, a workshop at ICSB 2010, Edinburgh. [pdf]
  • Linking transcription and metabolism. Infer metabolic changes from RNA expression. [pdf]

Talks about metabolic modeling

  • Flux-balance Optimization. Thermodynamics Constraints. Conference talk at: Metabolic Pathway Analysis 2013. [pdf]
  • HepatoNet - Stoichiometric model of the human hepatocyte. Curation and applications. [pdf]
  • Thermodynamics Constraints Flux-balance Models. [pdf]

Talks about molecular geometry

  • Neues zu NeedleHaystack. Effizienz, Totaler Oberflächenvergleich, Patch-Normalisierung[pdf]
  • 3D-bioinformatics. Service tools for modelling and design. [pdf]
  • The molecular mimicry hypothesis: Foundation and limits of rational drug design. at Euro-QSAR 2002. [pdf]
  • Überlagerung_von_Liganden. Untersuchung der strukturellen Eigenschaften der Polyspezifität des FAB fragments CB4-1 (anti-p24 monoklonale Antikörper). [pdf]
  • Surface. Algebraische Oberflächenberechnung und Anwendungen. [pdf]