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Selected posters

  • Hoppe A, Kandel B, Hafner M, Rozman Damjana, Zanger U, Holzhütter HG. Expression studies on cultured primary human hepatocytes with ModeScore reveal metabolic response signatures of statins and agonists of CAR, PXR, and PPARa. Poster at SBMC 2014 Berlin. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Abshagen K, Thomas M, Müller I, Ebert M, Weng H, Holzhütter HG, Zanger U, Vollmar B, Dooley S. Transcriptional program of cholestatic disease elucidated from time resolved cellular and molecular responses in livers of bile duct ligated mice. Poster at SBMC 2014 Berlin. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Ilkavets I, Busch H, Müller S, Boerries M, Braun S, D'Alessandro L, U Klingmueller, S Dooley, Holzhütter HG. ModeScore: approach to infer metabolic activity changes from expression data. Poster at . [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Richter C, Holzhütter HG. Are enzyme costs minimized in evolution? Enzyme size, efficiency and turnover as a mean for better flux predictions in FBA. Poster P02.284 at ICSB 2010, Edinburgh. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Hoffmann S, Gerasch A, König M, Gille C, Holzhütter HG. FASIMU: A flexible software for flux-balance computation series in large metabolic networks Poster M007 at SBMC 2010, Freiburg. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Gerasch A, Hoffmann S. How visualization of flux modes helps to generate biochemical hypotheses Poster M007 at VizBi 2010, Freiburg. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Ilkavets I, S Dooley, Holzhütter HG. Metabolic consequences of mouse hepatocyte culture and impact of TGFβ signaling. Poster at ICSB 2011, Heidelberg. . [pdf].
  • Hoppe A, Hoffmann S, Holzhütter HG. Constrained optimization sheds light in the metabolic functioning of higher cells. Poster DS2-2-134 at ICSB 2008, Gothenborg. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A and Frömmel C. Total surface comparison. Glimpse into the morphogenesis of proteins. Poster at Euro-QSAR 2004, "QSAR and Molecular Modelling in Rational Design of Bioactive Molecules." Istanbul. [pdf].
  • Hoppe A and Frömmel C. Looking for the Needle in the Haystack: An Algorithm for the Rapid Recognition of Local Structures in Proteins. Poster at Euro-QSAR 2000, "Rational Approaches to Drug Design" Düsseldorf. [pdf].