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Cross-talk of HGF and IL-6 on hepatocytes

Hepatocellular growth factor (HGF) play an important role in the control the proliferation of hepatocytes after cell loss due to intoxication, liver surgery, or liver injury. However, they are also closely interlinked with signalling cascades associated to inflammation. Thus, in certain clinical conditions, inflammation can put a severe obstacle to liver regeneration. At the DKFZ Heidelberg, several studies are undertaken to elucidate the genetic regulation in response to cytokines, facilitated by read-outs of gene-wide transcript arrays. These studies are part of the show case "HGF and regeneration" in the VirtualLiver. One of these experiments studies the combined administration of HGFα and IL6 vs. the adminstration of only one of the cytokines (Stephanie Müller) vs control in primary mouse hepatocyte cultures. Here, the metabolic consequences of these cytokines will be analyzed with the ModeScore approach [1]. Publication is in preparation, see also this [poster].


Dr. Andreas Hoppe
Sebastian Vlaic, Reinhard Guthke
Hauke Busch, Melanie Börries
Lorenza D'Alessandro, Stephane Lucarelli, Stefanie Müller, Ursula Klingmüller, DKFZ Heidelberg
Prof. Hermann-Georg Holzhütter


  1. Hoppe A, Holzhütter HG. (2012) ModeScore: A method to infer changed activity of metabolic function from transcript profiles. OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs), 26:1-11. [pdf, doi]